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        Distributor of Dow Chemical architectural coating materials in Central China




         Wuhan Xingshicheng Trading Co., Ltd. was founded on July 6th 2007. It is located in Wuhan. The north of it is NO.107 National Road. It is 5 miles form Beijing to Zhuhai Highway aand Shanghai to Rongcheng Highway. The south of it is the largets nranch of Yantze River--Hanshui. The east of it is Beijing to Guangzhou Railway, Handan Railway. It is 1 miles form Special Railway of Chemical in the west. The superior geographic location provides convenient transportation conditions.

        It mainly manages American Tao's (Rohm and Haas) latex, additives series products and German Shumei sterilization mildew series products, Xue's mill base and so on. The products can be mainly sold to the Middle of China. It has been appointed as the only dealer in Hubei area.
        Wuhan Xingshicheng Trading Co., Ltd. aims to carry forward the tradition of American Tao's (Rohm and Haas) general agency in Middle of China and the general dealer of German Shumei. It tries to provide the best service. The enterprise adheres to the management philosophy to be practical and honest to provide each customer the most advanced technology, fastest logistics and efficient value-added service to make sure each sales link is great. Your requirements are our motivation. Welcome all the customers both new and old to cooperate with us!




        Copyright(C)2017,Wuhan Xingshicheng Trading Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by Toocle Copyright Notice

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